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Original adaptations written by Emily Summers, produced by Bostin’ Creative have included

Peter Pan, Narnia
and Snow(Flake) White.

Bostin Creative- Peter Pan Script for schools, community groups
Bostin Creative- Narnia script for schools and community groups
Bostin Creative- Snow Flake White Script for schools and community groups

These vibrant adaptations have been written specifically for large casts, but can be scaled up or down with ease.


With 30+ speaking roles per script, full of music and movement, they appeal to young children, teenagers and adults alike.


Written to encourage teamwork, ownership and self confidence, all performers, regardless of role, will have the opportunity to shine. Approximately 60 minutes in length.


These adaptations have been performed by KS1 - KS5 participants via the Hippodrome Education Network and community groups throughout the West Midlands and beyond. 

Scripts available for hire upon request; with or without the creative guidance of Bostin’ Creative. Please contact us for further details:  Contact Us

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